Mike Vick Debut, Protesting

On August 13th, I remember watching Daily News Live on Comcast SportsNet, Philadelphia.  Renowned sportswriter Ray Didinger was on, explaining how the Eagles Training Camp was the most publicized since Terrell Owens was doing situps on his own driveway.  The offensive line was in turmoil, the Eagles were suffering from monumental injuries, including starting linebacker Stewart Bradley, blah blah blah.  Well, just one day later the Eagles signed Mike Vick.  This training camp became just a bit more publicized.  The signing was arguably the most publicized in league history. 

Commisioner Roger Guidell made the decision to reinstate Vick for week 3, this past weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs.  The past couple weeks have been filled with Vick coverage, including interviews with 60 minutes, and ESPN, a lot of coverage for a backup quarterback.    Well, in his return, Vick saw the field for eleven plays, going 0/2 passing and rushing once for seven yards. 

Vick came out to a semi-standing ovation.  The thing that I was very surprised in was the little protest for Vick before the game.  There were approximately 25 protestors, located on the corner of Pattison Avenue and 11th Street holding up anti-Vick posters.   Many Eagle fans were displeased with the protestors and were supportive of Vick.  There were some fans who stopped by and sympathized.

I’m curious to see how protestors will respond once the Eagles head on the road.  Their next away game is October 18 against the Oakland Raiders, in what they call the black hole.


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