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Phillies Win NLCS and the Police Want No Riots

At this time last year, the Philadelphia Phillies were vying for their first trip to the world series since 1993.  As a student at Temple University, I clearly remember the chaos in the streets after the Fightin Phils won last years NLCS in five games over the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Especially on Broad Street, the Philadelphia Police had no control over the students.  People were jumping on cars, climbing lightposts and running towards city hall to celebrate.

Last night, the Phillies clinched their second straight National League pennant, again beating the Dodgers in five games.  This time around, there was still chaos, but it was somewhat controlled.  If I had to estimate, there was probably 2-3 times for police in the street than last year’s NLCS shenanigans.  I walked down Broad Street wanting to again celebrate down in City Hall.  I was going good until I hit Cecil B Moore, where to my displeasure, the authorities had blocked the street off.  They did not let the students get by.  Of course I still got down to City Hall and celebrated harmlessly.  The Phillies haven’t won anything yet, but you rarely see teams get to a World Series in back to back years anymore.  It’s truly an amazing time to be a Phillies fan at this time.,0,2389702.story

ESPN and Their New Local Websites

In April, ESPN launched their first city specific site with ESPNChicago.  In the last month, the company debuted two more sites, ESPNBoston and ESPNDallas.  ESPN wants to establish other local sites where they have local radio stations.  The next two planned cities to have a site are New York and Los Angeles. 

The websites are 24/7 local sports news operations.  ESPNChicago already has emerged as the most visited sports site in the city.  In July, 700,000 viewers visited the site, up 87% since May. 

ESPN has the resources to bring in top talents.  For example, beloved ex New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi will hold weekly chats with fans throughout the year.  In the Pats Monday Night Football game in week 1, “Boston Sports Guy” Bill Simmons held a chat.  Other big names for the Boston site include Hall of Fame baseball Reporter Peter Gammons and ex Boston Globe writer Mike Reiss.  ESPNBoston also includes blogs on local college teams and even high-school football.  In Chicago, softball is fairly popular.  ESPN Chicago has it covered.

ESPN/ABC Sports President George Bodenheimer said quote “We ceased looking at ourselves as a TV company maybe 10 years ago,” he said. “We didn’t declare it in the middle of Times Square like, maybe, some others did. But we are absolutely agnostic in terms of how we serve content and work with advertisers. The simple aim is to be distributed as widely as possible.”

ESPN: More Than Just a Television Station

Since 1979, ESPN has been known as being the Worldwide Leader in Sports.  The technology in media is constantly changing, and the Worldwide Leader is doing the same.  From 2000-2003, ESPN was awarded the Webby award for the best sports site.  The Webby award is an annual award show given to the best websites and applications on the internet.  They’ve been crowning internet sites for 13 years. 

ESPN has been very aggressive lately about refining its presence on the web.  In January, ESPN had just completed a full renovation of, which took nearly a year.  The improved their video and search functions. 

This past year, ESPN won a Webby for best sports mobile application with ESPN Mobile.  Cell phones have changed so much in just the last 5 years.  With new phones such as the Iphone and the Blackberry, the internet has been very popular on these devices.