Phillies Win NLCS and the Police Want No Riots

At this time last year, the Philadelphia Phillies were vying for their first trip to the world series since 1993.  As a student at Temple University, I clearly remember the chaos in the streets after the Fightin Phils won last years NLCS in five games over the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Especially on Broad Street, the Philadelphia Police had no control over the students.  People were jumping on cars, climbing lightposts and running towards city hall to celebrate.

Last night, the Phillies clinched their second straight National League pennant, again beating the Dodgers in five games.  This time around, there was still chaos, but it was somewhat controlled.  If I had to estimate, there was probably 2-3 times for police in the street than last year’s NLCS shenanigans.  I walked down Broad Street wanting to again celebrate down in City Hall.  I was going good until I hit Cecil B Moore, where to my displeasure, the authorities had blocked the street off.  They did not let the students get by.  Of course I still got down to City Hall and celebrated harmlessly.  The Phillies haven’t won anything yet, but you rarely see teams get to a World Series in back to back years anymore.  It’s truly an amazing time to be a Phillies fan at this time.,0,2389702.story

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