The Epidemic of Swine

I have been so naive about the whole swine flu epidemic.  That was until I had been diagnosed with it on Monday, in the hospital, while being hydrated with an IV.  I’m fine now, but I never want to experience that again.  I felt like I slept for 36 straight hours, and I slept through the EAGLES game!  That just doesn’t happen.  From what I learned about this H1N1 virus is that it is very similar to the flu.  The swine flu is a different strain, while the regular flu usually runs during the winter months; from what I remember the doctor telling me.

I also lucked out because I received the treatment for the swine flu, with a pill named tamiflu.  I was categorized as being a “special treatment” because I had a kidney transplant 2 years ago. 

Approximately a week or two ago, President Obama declared the national outbreak of the H1N1 virus as a national emergency.  At Temple University, it seems like everyone has been sick over the last few weeks.  Now I have been plagued with the sickness.  About 1000 people, including roughly 100 children have died from the swine flu.  There has only been 11 million doses of the vaccine distributed across the nation.

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