Jen Frederick Good Day Philadelphia

           Jennaphr Frederick is a co-anchor for Good Day Philadelphia, where she started in 2003.  Fox29 hired her in October of 1999.  She first started as a general assignment reporter.  She is very unique and different when she delivers her presentations.

            I could definitely tell why Jennaphr Frederick was put onto the morning show.  She is very funny, has a charming personality and has a lot of “spunk.”  When she came in to speak to us, I remember walking into class relatively tired.  By the time I left class, I was up and awake.  She was a big reason for that.  A lot of times when you have a guest speaker come in, most of the time, they are boring.  She kept my attention the whole time she was speaking, and again she was overwhelmingly entertaining.  She told a lot of great stories from her past experiences, while at the same time using those stories to teach us her life lessons.

            The one thing that she taught us that really stuck in my head was; you have to have great instinct when conducting an interview.  “The word reporter has the connotation that you know more than the subject, when it’s the other way around.”

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