Marc Zumoff: The Voice of the 76ers Visits Temple

Zumoff started his lecture by asking everyone in the room, “what makes you happy.”  He then went into how his job makes him happy.  Zumoff, the play-by-play broadcaster of the Philadelphia 76ers, gets to do what he loves, sitting in expensive arena seats and discussing basketball for two and a half hours a night.  You don’t have to worry about taxis, you stay in the best hotels, and you get 5 months off during the off-season.

            Zumoff discussed how 35-40 people are incorporated for every 76ers telecast.  There are people responsible for lighting, graphics, tape, audio, animations, tape editors, camera etc.

            Zumoff reiterated several times to keep life in perspective; you need to be patient, stay positive and persistent.   Zumoff emphatically stated that, “Internships are like gold.”  Having an internship can be the equivalent to being in three different classes.  His first job was for a radio station in Trenton, New Jersey.  He made a measly $110 a week.  After sending out tapes, and countless resumes, Zumoff was patient, persistent and confident before finally landing his big-break being the pre-game host for 76er games for 12 years.  He was named the voice of the team in 1994.

            The play-by-play sports announcer is my dream job.  I’ve heard numerous lectures from guest speakers over my college career stating the same ideals that Zumoff again reiterated.  I look up to Zumoff; he currently holds a position that in my future I would like to obtain.  Zumoff’s lecture was comforting.  I’ve been a 76ers fan, and a Philadelphia sports fan in general since my kindergarten years.

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