Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

I’m sure that all of you have already read plenty about this Super Bowl between the Saints and Colts.  So I’ll just make my quick prediction.  So who do I like, give me the Colts 24-20.  To me it’s going to come down to the defenses.  The Saints like to cause turnovers, but Manning is one of the smartest quarterbacks ever.  If the Jets couldn’t slow him down, the Saints won’t either. 

For the Saints to win Sean Payton will have to be crafty, perhaps even going for an onside kick to catch the Colts off guard.  The Colts are the more talented team, the Saints will need some tricks up their sleeve.

As for Dwight Freeney, he may be limited in what he can do with his patented spin move. Overall though, I am not too worried about his pass rushing skills as he will still be  able to bull rush.  I’m curious to see how he’ll fair in the running game.  With the bull rush he’ll be able to move straight ahead, but will he be as effective when he has to run laterally to stop the Saints running game on the edge.

COLTS 24-20.

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