Tiger Woods Apology Speech

Although’s today’s speech was completely overblown, I have to give Tiger Woods a lot of credit for coming out and doing something he didn’t have to do, please the public.  Today was an apology to his wife, family, friends, and fans.  It was a starting point and a visible step towards his long and winding road back to golf. 

I’ve heard some bashing to his speech as being too overcliche’d and robotic.  You have to remember, Tiger’s personality isn’t exactly like that of Will Ferrell.  He’s very private.

Woods is an alum of Stanford University, so I think he would know how to write an effective, compelling speech.  Anyway, along with Kobe Bryant and Mark McGwire, this was the most talked about athlete apology speech ever.   Except, Tiger allegedly didn’t rape anyone or cheat the game.  Tiger’s actions were inexcusable, but all the drama has been completely overexaggerated, magnified, and blown-up.  I mean, even I’m writing a response to his speech.  Poor Tiger.



  1. Exactly!! It was his private life and he didn’t have to apologise to the public. It was a brave thing to do, but unfortunately, people will give him another bashing now.

    I wish him well.

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