Championship Week Preview- Summit League


Bubble- None

3 Players to Watch

  1. Keith Benson (Oakland)- Summit League Player of the Year.  A dominant defensive precense in the League, he averaged 3.3 blocks per game.  He put up 17.9 points and 9.6 rebounds a night.
  2. Ceola Clark (Western Illinois)- Named the Defensive Player of the Year.  He averaged 2.8 steals per game, 1st in the Summit and 6th nationally.
  3. Johnathon Jones (Oakland)- Simply knows how to distribute the ball among his teammates.  Reminds me a bit of Ronald Moore of the Saints.  Jones averaged 7.1 assists per game, 1st in the conference.

(Ceola Clark)

Projected Championship Game- 1. Oakland (24-8) (17-1) vs 2. IUPUI (23-9) (15-3)

Before I start, I just wanted to say the Semifinal match-up between IUPUI and Oral Roberts should be fantastic.  Of course, both teams must win quarterfinal games to setup the contest.  Both teams split the regular season series, IUPUI won the 1st game in overtime, while Oral Roberts won the 2nd game by a penny.  Both teams are very solid in the front court.

Oakland dominated the Summit League from start to finish en route to a 17-1 conference record.  C Keith Benson dominates down low, while Johnathon Jones is a playmaker. 

(Keith Benson)

IUPUI is led by the Summit League’s leading scorer, F Robert Glenn (20.8 ppg), and 2nd leading scorer F Alex Young (20.2 ppg).

Prediction– Oakland, Glenn and Young are a great duo but the Grizzlies have a solid inside outside game with Benson and Jones.

Projected NCAA Tournament Seed– Oakland (13)




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