Armando Galarraga Throws 21st Perfect Game in History (Kind Of)

As I was watching this game, I wasn’t exactly rooting for Galarraga to throw the perfecto, especially since my man Roy Halladay just threw one like 30 seconds ago.  But then, Jim Joyce blew the worst call in MLB history.  I mean, are you kidding me?  The only other call I can think of just as bad (probably worse) was Don Denkinger’s blown call at first in Game 6 of the 1985 World Series between Kansas City and St. Louis.

Click the link below for the video of the Denkinger call.

 Galarraga was destined, especially when Austin Jackson made the ridiculous over the shoulder grab for the 1st out in the 9th.  It was a flashback of the Mark Buehrle perfect game last season after Dewayne  Wise made that sick catch in the 9th.

 If Joyce got the call right, it would’ve already been the 3rd perfect game of the season, and MLB record.  This season is already reminding me of 1968 (The Year of the Pitcher).  I’m curious if Mr. Selig will lower the mound next season. 

Galarraga threw just 88 pitches, 67 for strikes.  He threw his sinker effectively getting Indian hitters to consistently pound the ball into the ground.  I knew I should have spot started this guy for my fantasy team today.  Ahh shucks.

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