OK, just wanted to say within the next couple of days, I will be doing a huge World Cup Preview where I will be previewing all of the groups, teams and making plenty of predictions.  It will be a nice little guide for all of the casual soccer fans.

I will be offering you two perspectives as I will also be getting a preview by Charlie Nobile, a great friend of mine who is currently interning for Real Madrid in Spain (I think).  He graduated with me at Temple, and he knows far more futbol than I do.  I still remember your fetish for Stephen Gerrard, haha.   

I used to hate the game, I thought it was the most boring thing you can watch rather than Nascar.  I used to think, who the flying fudge wants to see a 0-0 draw.  Plus these guys flop more than Reggie Miller.  I just laugh when those pesky Italians cry and whine for a foul call.

Anyway, it was at the EDGE, an apartment at Temple where Mr. Nobile started to really get me into the game.  He taught me the strategies, the best players, essentially everything I could have wanted to know. 

Anyway for the preview, you will be getting all the Group Stage Previews.  For the team previews, you will get the projected line-ups, key players, strengths & weaknesses and the predictions for all of the group games.

From there we head to the final 16 where we will project who will advance and fulfill their destiny and answer the ultimate question, WHO IS THE BEST FUTBOL TEAM IN THE WORLD! 

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