How to Predict The 2010 World Cup

Before I start this article, I just wanted to state that my previews will be coming out in bunches starting tomorrow starting with Group A.

I just read Michael Davies and Roger Bennet’s blog entry entitled “Only Idiots Attempt to Predict the World Cup.” Here’s the link.

After reading the article, I came up with a fantastic idea.  Since the World Cup is so unpredictable, I decided to determine a World Cup Winner with my lucky quarter.

So, here are the stipulations.  I will go game by game in each group and predict the outcomes with my lucky quarter.  Tails will portray the higher ranked team according to FIFA rankings, while heads will represent the lower ranked team.  I will flip the coin twice.  If the coin comes up tails twice, the higher ranked team wins, heads twice, the complete opposite.  If we get one of each, we myfriends have ourselves a draw.  If we have a tie for 2nd in a particular group, I’ll do a coin-off.   So let’s get started with GROUP A.

Group A

  1. Mexico (T) vs South Africa (H) (SA 3 pts)
  2. France (T) vs Uruguay (H) (Uru 3 pts)
  3. Uruguay (T) vs South Africa (H) (SA 3 pts)
  4. France (T) vs Mexico (H) (Fra 3 pts)
  5. Uruguay (T) vs Mexico (H) (our 1st draw)
  6. France (T) vs South Africa (H) (SA 3 pts)


  1. South Africa- 7 pts
  2. Uruguay- 4 pts
  3. France- 3 pts
  4. Mexico- 1 pt

Group B

  1. Greece (T) vs South Korea (H) (Draw)
  2. Argentina (T) vs  Nigeria (H) (Arg 3 pts)
  3. Argentina (T) vs South Korea (H) (Kor 3 pts)
  4. Greece (T) vs Nigeria (H) (Nig 3 pts)
  5. Nigeria (T) vs South Korea (H) (Draw)
  6. Argentina (T) vs Greece (H) (Arg 3 pts)
  7. Coin-Off- Nigeria (T) vs South Korea (H) (Kor)


  1. Argentina- 6 pts 
  2. South Korea- 4 pts
  3. Nigeria- 4 pts
  4. Greece- 1 pt

Group C

  1. England (T) vs USA (H) (USA 3 pts, YESS)
  2. Slovenia (T) vs Algeria (H) (Draw)
  3. USA (T) vs Slovenia (H) (Draw)
  4. England (T) vs Algeria (H) (Draw)
  5. England (T) vs Slovenia (H) (Draw)
  6. USA (T) vs Algeria (H) (Draw)
  7. Coin-off- Slovenia (T) vs Algeria (H) (Slo)


  1. USA- 4pts
  2. Slovenia- 3 pts
  3. Algeria- 3 pts
  4. England- 2 Pts 

Group D

  1. Serbia (T) vs Ghana (H) (Gha 3 pts)
  2. Germany (T) vs Austrailia (H) (Ger 3 pts)
  3. Germany (T) vs Serbia (H) (Draw)
  4. Austrailia (T) vs Ghana (H) (Gha 3 pts)
  5. Germany (T) vs Ghana (H) (Ger 3 pts)
  6. Serbia (T) vs Austrailia (H) (Ser 3 pts)


  1. Germany- 7 pts
  2. Ghana- 6 pts
  3. Serbia- 4 pts
  4. Austrailia- 0 pts

Group E

  1. Holland (T) vs Denmark (H) (Den 3 pts)
  2. Cameroon (T) vs Japan (H) (Draw)
  3. Holland (T) vs Japan (H) (Jap 3 pts)
  4. Cameroon (T) vs Denmark (H) (Draw)
  5. Holland (T) vs Cameroon (H) (Draw)
  6. Denmark (T) vs Japan (H) (Den 3 pts)


  1. Denmark- 7 pts
  2. Japan- 4 pts
  3. Cameroon- 2 pts
  4. Holland- 1 pt

 Group F

  1. Italy (T) vs Paraguay (H) (Draw)
  2. Slovakia (T) vs New Zealand (H) (NZ 3 pts)
  3. Paraguay (T) vs Slovakia (H) (Par 3 pts)
  4. Italy (T) vs New Zealand (H) (Ita 3 pts)
  5. Italy (T) vs Slovakia (H) (Draw)
  6. Paraguay (T) vs New Zealand (H) (NZ 3 pts)


  1. New Zealand- 6 pts
  2. Italy- 5 pts
  3. Paraguay- 4 pts
  4. Slovakia- 1 pt

Group G

  1. Portugal (T) vs Ivory Coast (H) (Draw)
  2. Brazil (T) vs North Korea (H) (Bra 3 pts)
  3. Brazil (T) vs Ivory Coast (H) (IVC 3 pts)
  4. Portugal (T) vs North Korea (H) (NK 3 pts)
  5. Ivory Coast (T) vs North Korea (H) (Draw)
  6. Brazil (T) vs Portugal (T) (Por 3 pts)
  7. Coin-off- Portugal (T) vs North Korea (H) (NK)


  1. Ivory Coast- 5 pts
  2. North Korea- 4 pts
  3. Portugal- 4 pts
  4. Brazil- 3 pts

Group H

  1. Chile (T) vs Honduras (H) (Draw)
  2. Spain (T) vs Switzerland (H) (Draw)
  3. Chile (T) vs Switzerland (H) (Draw)
  4. Spain (T) vs Honduras (H) (Draw)
  5. Spain (T) vs Chile (H) (Chi 3 pts)
  6. Switzerland (T) vs Honduras (H) (Swi 3 pts)
  7. Coin-off- Chile (T) vs Switzerland (H) (Chi)


  1. Chile- 4 pts
  2. Switzerland- 4 pts
  3. Spain- 2 pts
  4. Honduras- 2 pts

Round of 16 (Best of 3 Quarter Toss from now on)

  • South Korea (T) vs South Africa (H) (South Africa)
  • USA (T) vs Ghana (H) (Ghana)
  • Italy (T) vs Denmark (H) (Denmark)
  • Ivory Coast (T) vs Switzerland (H) (Switzerland)
  • Argentina (T) vs Uruguay (H) (Argentina)
  • Germany (T) vs Slovenia (H) (Slovenia)
  • Japan (T) vs New Zealand (H) (Japan)
  • Chile (T) vs North Korea (H) (Chile)


  • Ghana (T) vs South Africa (H) (South Africa)
  • Switzerland (T) vs Denmark (H) (Denmark)
  • Argentina (T) vs Slovenia (H) (Slovenia)
  • Chile (T) vs Japan (H) (Chile)


  • Denmark (T) vs South Africa (H) (Denmark)
  • Chile (T) vs Slovenia (H) (Chile)


  • Chile (T) vs Denmark (H) (Denmark)


You know it’s going to end up this way now don’t you.  Bettors, put your money on Denmark immediately!

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