YOOOAdrian’s 2010 World Cup Recap- 6/12 Day 2



  • Alexei Lalas called the Greek’s tactics, beautiful dullness.  Greece definitely looked very dull, but it wasn’t exactly beautiful.  South Korea scored just 7 minutes in the game off a set-piece.  Lee Jung-Soo was left unmarked and simply tapped the ball in for the 1st goal.  Greece excels on the counter attack, but after getting down 1-0 early on in the game, Greece looked as lost and confused as Tony Romo once he hits the NFL Playoffs.  Whenever they pushed forward, South Korea played good defense and counter-attacked on their own.
  • I’m trying to figure out if in fact Greece is that bad, because South Korea thoroughly dominated Greece all over the field.  They were very impressive and look like a real threat in Group B.
  • In the 52nd minute Greece gave the ball away deep in their zone.  Park Ji-Sung made Greece pay with his slick maneuverability and delicate touch with the left to make it 2-0.  Sung had a great game as he had several other chances to score in the match.
  • Quick Facts- Greece has yet to score in the country’s history at the World Cup, Park Ji-Sung scored his 13th goal for South Korea in World Cup competition.
  • Men of the Match
  • South Korea– Park Ji-Sung
  • Greece– Fanis Gekas 

South Korea's Park Ji-sung celebrates after scoring a goal during the World Cup group B soccer match between South Korea and Greece at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, Saturday, June 12, 2010.  (AP Photo/Lee Jin-Man)

(Sung celebrates after goal)


  • The score wasn’t indicative of Argentina’s dominance in this match.  Nigeria’s goalkeeper Enyeama did all he could to keep Nigeria in it, but they just couldn’t muster an equalizing goal.  Nigeria’s two best chances came late.  In the 82nd minute, Uche had a chance after a great ball from Yakubu, but Uche flubbed it.  Yakubu almost scored in the 87th minute after a shot that caught Argentina’s GK Romero off-guard.
  • Argentina’s goal came early, a huge trend today after corner kick.  Heinze was left unmarked, and headed it into the net.
  • Lionel Messi was all over the pitch.  He did everything but hit the back of the net.  Messi had 4-5 chances to get into the scoring column, but Enyeama kept making spectacular saves.
  • The game was played at a great up-tempo pace, fun to watch.
  • Why didn’t Odemwingie start for Nigeria, a head scratcher for me. 
  • Quick Facts- Argentina 58%-42% possession advantage, and completed 87% of passes.  Diego Maradona, the walrus who dressed like a drug-lord, picked up his first World Cup win as a coach.
  • Men of the Match
  • Argentina- Lionel Messi
  • Nigeria- Vincent Enyeama

Argentina head coach Diego Maradona celebrates at the end of the World Cup group B soccer match between Argentina and Nigeria at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg, Saturday, June 12, 2010. Argentina won 1-0. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

(Diego Maradona)


  1. South Korea (3 pts)
  2. Argentina (3 pts)
  3. Nigeria (0 pts)
  4. Greece (0 pts)



  • Wow, the United States escaped with a draw.  This game will always be remembered by Clint Dempsey’s goal which was as soft as a soft serve vanilla ice-cream from Dairy Queen.  Dempsey just put one on goal from outside the box with his left.  It was a shot that Helen Keller would have saved.  GK Robert Green had a Bill Buckner moment as he fumbled with the shot as it agonizingly went by him across the line to tie it at 1.
  • The England faithful feel that the softest goal they’ve given up was the Ronaldhino free-kick in the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup.  I think this one blew that right out of the water.
  • England got off to an electric start, Steven Gerrard scored in the 4th minute.  The US defense just held on as GK Tim Howard kept shouting at his defenders to get their heads out of their asses and into the game.
  • Tim Howard’s World Cup nearly ended after it looked like his wrist was broken as Emile Heskey dove into the keeper with his cleets.
  • The United States defense, along with Tim Howard really clamped down nicely after the first 30 minutes of play.  Whenever England did get an open look at it, Howard came up with some huge stops.  Rooney was shut down pretty nicely.
  • Green did have a nice stop on Altidore after a great run.  Altidore shot from a tight left angle, Green made the save along with a little help from his friend, the goalpost.
  • It will be interesting to see as the tournament progresses how the altitude will affect play.  Both squads looked dead tired at about the 80th minute.
  • What was up with those ugly ass USA uniforms and that stupid white stripe?  What, did they just win the Miss America pageant.
  • Quick Facts- Robert Green made 4 errors in goal in the EPL, more than any other goalie.  USA completed just 67% of their passes in the 2nd-half, their 2nd lowest total ever.   
  • Men of the Match
  • England– Steven Gerrard
  • USA– Tim Howard




  1. England (1 pt)
  2. USA (1 pt)
  3. Slovenia
  4. Algeria

Tommorow’s Schedule

  • Group C- (7:30 est) Slovenia vs Algerian
  • Group D- (10:00 est) Serbia vs Ghana
  • Group D- (2:30 est) Germany vs Australia
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