YOOOAdrian’s 2010 World Cup Recap- 6/17 Day 7



  • Germany sent a message in the World Cup’s 1st set of games.  Argentina answered with this scintillating performance in the 2nd set of games.  Ladies and gentlemen, this World Cup is starting to heat up!
  • Lionel Messi showed that he doesn’t need to score in order for Argentina to win.  His long runs set up everything for Argentina.  He’s the road runner, while the entire South Korean team chasing him was coyote.    How do you think Higuan was able to cherry-pick his way for 3 goals today. 
  • To me, the defense is still a bit of a concern for Argentina.  None of the back four really did anything today.  South Korea’s only goal today came on a defensive lapse; Lee Chung-Yong reaped in the benefits.
  • Argentina, with 6 points and a +4 goal differential have pretty much assured themselves a spot in the knockout round.
  • Diego Maradona is officially my favorite coach of all-time.  His reactions are priceless.  Check out this photo below.  He has the jump hug down to a tee.  Notice the arms, securely wrapped around the neck.  The legs are spread out evenly, just like a jump skier.  Picture Perfect! 
  • Quick Facts- Gonzalo Higuain became the 1st player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup since 2002.  Pauletta netted 3 for Portugal against Poland
  • Men of the Match
  • Argentina– Lionel Messi
  • South Korea-  Lee Chung-Yong
  • GAME RATING- 1 3/4*

Argentina head coach Diego Maradona, left, hugs an unidentified coach after his team scored during the World Cup group B soccer match between Argentina and South Korea at Soccer City in Johannesburg, Thursday, June 17, 2010.  (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

(More to come from Maradona)


  • In the 1st African World Cup, African nations continue to hugely dissapoint.  They are now 1-5-2 in this tournament. 1 WIN!  Nigeria scored the 1st goal of the match on Kalu Uche’s curler from 35 yards out.  The game turned in the 33rd minute when Nigerian midfielder Sani Kaita had a Ron Artest moment, kicking Vasilis Torisidis.  Torisidis, along with some Rivaldo type acting, drew the red card from the official. 
  • Salpingidis tied it in the 44th minute, and Torsidis scored the game winner in the 71st minute off of another GK mistake.  Enyeama, who shined against Argentina, misplayed the ball and Torsidis poked it home.
  • Greece not only picks up their 1st World Cup win ever, they scored their 1st goal in World Cup competition.
  • I don’t get Nigeria.  They always seem to produce some of the best youth teams, but when it comes to World Cup play, they flat-out stink.  They don’t play cohesively, kind of like another team I’ll get into below.
  • All in all, people are complaining about goal-scoring.  I’ll trade in a 1-0 game if I don’t have to watch this one again.  At least the game was close.  Congrats to Greece, but neither of these squads deserve to advance.
  • Quick Facts- This was the 1st comeback victory of the tournament. 
  • Men of the Match
  • Greece- Dimitrios Salpingidis
  • Nigeria- Kalu Uche
  • GAME RATING- 1 1/2*

Nigeria's Danny Shittu, foreground, reacts as Greek players celebrate their 2-1 win after the World Cup group B soccer match between Greece and Nigeria at Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein, Thursday, June 17, 2010.  (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

(Fitting Nigeria has a player named Shittu)


  1. Argentina (6 pts)
  2. South Korea (3 pts)
  3. Greece (3 pts)
  4. Nigeria (0 pts)



  • FRANCE- GO HOME!!!!!  GET OFF MY TELEVISION! You obviously don’t want to be in the World Cup.  No more comments for this one.
  • Quick Facts- Mexico’s Cuauhtemac Blanco becomes the 3rd oldest player to score in World Cup history.
  • Men of the Match
  • Mexico- Javier Hernandez
  • France- NONE
  • GAME RATING- 3/4*

Mexico's Javier Hernandez celebrates after the World Cup group A soccer match between France and Mexico at Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane, Thursday, June 17, 2010. Mexico won 2-0. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

(Javier Hernandez)


  1. Uruguay (4 pts)
  2. Mexico (4 pts)
  3. France (1 pt)
  4. South Africa (1 pt)

Tomorrow’s Schedule

  • (7:30 est) Germany vs Serbia
  • (10:00 est) USA vs Slovenia
  • (2:30 est) England vs Algeria
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