YOOOAdrian’s 2010 World Cup Recap- 6/21 Day 11



  • There’s nothing much to say about this one.  This was a complete drubbing, a massacre.
  • Once Simao scored the 2nd goal in the 53rd minute, the North Korean defense pushed up.  It got exploited, and within the next 37 minutes Portugal netted 5 more goals.
  • With the loss, North Korea is officially out of the World Cup.
  • This is huge for Portugal in the goal differential department.  Ivory Coast needs to make up 9 goals in the final game of group play.  This would be a Dustin Johnson type meltdown in the U.S. Open if Ivory Coast can make up this goal differential and advance to the next round.
  • Christiano Ronaldo scored his 1st goal for Portugal since February, 2009.
  • North Korea broadcasted this game live.  The 1st game had a 18 hour delay.  Not even North Korea television could edit this score out.
  • Quick Facts- The 7-0 win is the 7th largest margin of victory in World Cup history.  This is the largest margin of victory in the World Cup since 2002 when Germany beat Saudi Arabia 8-0.
  • Men of the Match
  • Portugal- Raul Meireles
  • North Korea- Jong Tae-Se
  • GAME RATING- 1/4*

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, left, scores a goal past North Korea's Ri Kwang Chon, right, during the World Cup group G soccer match between Portugal and North Korea in Cape Town, Monday, June 21, 2010.  (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

(Ronaldo tap-in)


  1. Brazil (6 pts)
  2. Portugal (4 pts)
  3. Ivory Coast (1 pt)
  4. North Korea (0 pts)



  • This was one of those tasty match-ups I was looking forward too.  There’s nothing like watching a contrast in styles; offense vs defense, quick vs slow etc.  This is the NCAA Basketball version of Loyola Marymount of the 1990’s with Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble squaring off against a Ben Howland led UCLA fierce defensive squad.  Chile plays an attacking unusual 3-3-1-3 while Switzerland plays a counter-attacking, conservative and defensive 4-4-2.
  • In the 31st minute, the complexity of the game changed when the referee gave Switzerland’s Valon Behrami a straight red-card for some rough play.  I felt the card was harsh, but Behrami has no excuses for his actions. 
  • Even being a man down, I came away impressed with the Swiss defense.  Chile attacked relentlessly, and only got one goal in the 75th minute, although they easily could have gotten more.  The goal came when GK Benaglio came out of his net.  With a wide-open goal, Chile sub Mark Gonzalez headed it home.  Switzerland squandered a huge chance in the 89th minute.  Eren Derdiyok got a pass inside the penalty area, but missed the entire goal with the shot and sent it wide left. 
  • The one mistake by Benaglio cost Switzerland the game, but at the same time, he kept them in it.  He’s been arguably one of the better keepers of this tournament. 
  • Switzerland set an impressive mark today; 559 minutes without conceding a goal in World Cup play.  They broke the record of 550 minutes set by Italy between 1986-1990.
  • Humberto Suazo came back for Chile today, but he looked horrible fumbling the ball at his feet as much as Tony Romo fumbles footballs.
  • Just like the 1st game against Honduras, Chile has to come out of this one a bit disappointed.  Once again, they wasted many chances to score.  They have 6 total points, but have a game against Spain looming.  Once again, going back to goal differential, Chile holds a 2 goal advantage over Switzerland, and 1 goal advantage over Spain.  If they beat or tie Spain, they’re fine.  But.  We could very well be looking at a team with 6 points be eliminated in this group, whether it’s Chile, Switzerland or Spain.  Poor Honduras, the pinyatta in this group.
  • Quick Facts- Chile finished with 32 touches inside the penalty area, compared to just 8 for Switzerland.
  • Men of the Match
  • Chile- Alexis Sanchez
  • Switzerland- Diego Benaglio
  • GAME RATING- 2 1/4*

Valon Behrami

(Bahrami’s reaction after given the red card)


  • Like the Portugal vs North Korea game, this was lopsided, not much to say here.  Spain in desperation, dominated from start to finish.
  • David Villa had 2 goals, but missed the goal on a penalty kick.
  • Honduras actually still has a shot to advance.  They have to beat Switzerland, pray Spain loses to Chile, and make up the goal differential.
  • Quick Facts- Honduras had 0 shots on goal.
  • Men of the Match
  • Spain– David Villa
  • Honduras– Georgie Welcome
  • GAME RATING- 1/2*

Spain's David Villa, left, scores his first goal as Honduras' Osman Chavez, right, fails to block him.

  (Villa’s 1st goal)


  1. Chile (6 pts)
  2. Spain (3 pts)
  3. Switzerland (3 pts)
  4. Honduras (0 pts)

Tomorrow’s Schedule

  • (10:00 est) Mexico vs Uruguay
  • (10:00 est) France vs South Africa
  • (2:30 est) Argentina vs Greece
  • (2:30 est) South Korea vs Nigeria
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