YOOOAdrian’s 2010 World Cup Knockout Round Predictions

Round of 16

Uruguay vs South Korea (Uru- 2-0)

  • Uruguay’s defense is overlooked.  They still haven’t let in a goal in World Cup play, and they won’t let in a goal against South Korea.

USA vs Ghana (USA- 1-0)

  • Every single American is just assuming the US is on a collision course with Brazil in the semifinals.  What!?!?  This may be so, but it won’t be easy.  Ghana can play.  They’re fast, they can defend and they’re the only African team left.  I think the USA will pull this one out of their asses because of Ghana’s inability to score.

Germany vs England (Eng- 2-1)

  • All signs point to an England win here.  Germany is without Sweinsteiger, an intricate part in the midfield for Germany.  It was a huge sigh of relief to get out of Group, now I think England can play with a clear head and win this one.

Argentina vs Mexico (Arg- 2-1 ET)

  • These rivals square off in consecutive Round of 16’s in the World Cup.  I think Argentina wins the same route they did in 2006, in extra time.

Netherlands vs Slovakia (Ned- 3-0)

  • This could get ugly.

Brazil vs Chile (Chi- 4-3 ET)

  • I’m predicting this to be the game of the tournament.  So why am I picking Chile?  I’m an idiot!  But seriously, why am I taking Chile?  I mean, Brazil beat them handidly in 2 qualifying match.  Well there’s your reasoning.  I haven’t been as impressed with Brazil as everyone else, don’t look at the name.  Chile is playing against a South American rival while Brazil may be looking ahead a bit.  I’ll give you an example, remember when everyone was on Kansas this past year in college basketball.  Then they ran into an underrated, hungry Northern Iowa squad looking to make a statement.  Think of Chile as that underrated, hungry Northern Iowa team looking to make an impact.

Paraguay vs Japan (Jap- 1-0)

  • I really like the way Japan is playing.  Paraguay won the Group F, this year’s Group of Suck.

Spain vs Portugal (Spa- 1-0)

  • Portugal’s defense has been stellar, and you can only hold on for so long against Spain.  We won’t see another Switzerland type defensive performance again against Spain.


Netherlands vs Chile (Ned- 3-2)

  • This should be another doosey, back and forth fastbreak futbol.  Their’s something different about Holland though this year.

Uruguay vs USA (USA- 1-1 PK)

  • Yea I’m overly biased, but there’s something about the heart, passion and fight in this USA team that I completely adore. 

Argentina vs England (Arg- 1-1 PK)

  • England goes out the only way they know how.  Those dreaded penalties.

Spain vs Japan (Spa- 3-1)

  • Japan goes out with nothing to be ashamed of.


Netherlands vs USA (Ned- 2-0)

  • Too much Holland firepower.

Argentina vs Spain (Spa- 2-2 PK)

  • It’s a toss-up, get your quarter out.  Heads or tails?


Spain vs Netherlands (Spa- 2-1)

  • It’s the 1st World Cups in Africa.  Why not have a 1st time winner.  Your 2010 World Cup Champions, Spain!!! 
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