YOOOAdrian’s 2010 World Cup Recap- 6/27 Day 17



  • The question of the use of instant replay has been posed before.  After watching both matches today, it’s about time FIFA does something about instituting it.  Luckily for the officials today, their major errors did not cost a team a game.  But.  Imagine if this “goal” by Lampard came in extra time of say, a World Cup Final.  Oh boy! 
  • England coach Fabio Cappelo blamed the officiating for the loss today.  He stated that the disallowed game changed the game plan of England.  Does he have an argument?  In my opinion, NO!  Germany obliterated England today.  England look like they played in slow-motion, they were trapped in quicksand. 
  • Yes, the disallowed goal made England chase the game.  They overcommitted offensively and got burned twice in the Germany counter-attack. But, like I said before, England looked very slow.  Their defense was pathetic.  The Germany players constantly took England out of their defensive positions with their individual technical skill.  They layed the blueprint of what England needs to become. 
  • If I thought yesterday’s 2nd goal by Ghana was an inaspicious defensive effort from the USA, what was Germany’s 1st goal.  The group stages featured a numerous amount of goalkeeper gaffes.  Thus far in the round of 16, we’re witnessing some awful play from the back line.  
  • Is it possible it possible that the German team is better off without Ballack?  Possibly.  I just come away more and more impressed with the Germany youngins; Ozil, Muller, Khedira and Boateng.  Thomas Muller had his breakout performance today.  I mean, this was supposed to be a transitional year for Germany.  Watch out 2014, but then again they may win it all this year.
  • Germany did a great job concealing the injuries of Schweinsteiger and Boateng.  I was shocked to see them on the pitch today. 
  • Now I know why both England and USA lost.  Mick Jagger needs to be barred from any future USA matches.  He can go to all the England games he pleases.  I’m begging you Mick, just stay away.
  • Quick Facts- Germany has made the quarterfinals in 15 straight World Cups.  That is disgusting!  The 2nd longest streak is 5 from Brazil.  England and Germany have met 5 times in the World Cup, this is the 1st game which hasn’t gone to extra time.  This is the worst World Cup loss in England’s history.
  • Men of the Match
  • Germany- Thomas Muller
  • England- Steven Gerrard
  • GAME RATING- 3 1/2*

Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney

(Back to the drawing board)


  • You know those Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World commercials.  Diego Maradona needs to be in those commercials.  He is the most interesting man in the world.  I can just picture him now.  “I don’t always use my hands, but when I do it’s like a descendent of god.  Stay handy my friends!”  I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing not 1, but 2 watches.  He is the epitome of awesomeness.
  • On a serious note, Maradona has the best strategy of any manager of this World Cup, letting his players play.  With all of his antics on and off the field, he is centering the attention on himself whether he means to or not.
  • The non-offsides call on Tevez played a more important role in my opinion than the Lampard goal in the England game.  After the goal, instead of putting it in the past and playing,  Mexico let the goal get to them.  
  • The Mexico defense was pathetic.  They kept giving the ball away in their own half.  Osorio’s error on the Higuan goal was mind-numbing.  The Argentina players went around their back four so easily.  Mexico would have been better off putting a bunch of blow-up dolls out there.  The one lone exception was Marquez’s defensive marking of Messi, the best so far in the tournament.  They are teammates at Barcelona, so Marquez must have a nice little scouting report on him.
  • The 2nd goal from Tevez was flat-out dirty.  From 25 yards away, Tevez gave it a vicious twirl.  The goalkeeper had no chance as the ball whizzed by him in the top right corner.
  • Quick Facts- Gonzalo Higuan is 1st alone in the race for the golden shoe with 4 goals.
  • Men of the Match  
  • Argentina- Carlos Tevez
  • Mexico- Giovani Dos Santos

Argentina head coach Diego Maradona, left, lifts Lionel Messi at the end of the World Cup round of 16 soccer match between Argentina and Mexico at Soccer City in Johannesburg, Sunday, June 27, 2010. Argentina won 3-1. (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)

(If you ever want to play the World Cup drinking game.  Here are the rules.  Everytime Maradona hugs somebody, take a shot.  You’ll be plastered in a matter of minutes)

Tomorrow’s Schedule

  • (10:00 est) Netherlands vs Slovakia
  • (2:30 est) Brazil vs Chile
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