YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NFL Preview- C Rankings

  • Besides maybe the quarterback, the most intelligent players on the football field come from the center position.  Here are the qualities of a good center in the NFL.
  • Intelligence- A center sets the blocking assignments, they must decide what type of front they are witnessing before they make their line-call decision. 
  • Strength- With just about half the NFL implying a 3-4 defense, the center must go head-on against a nose-tackle.  Nose tackles aren’t exactly the smallest of men.  A good center has lower body strength, especially in their hips to hold ground against the space eating monsters.  They need to be balanced, get underneath and anchor them at the point of attack.
  • Quickness- Just like their buddies to the left and right of them (the guards), a center must be mobile to get to the 2nd level and cut off the linebacker.  The hands must be quick; because they have to snap the ball, initially, they only have one hand for blocking.

C Rankings

(Nick Mangold)

  1. Nick Mangold (8.25)
  2. Jeff Saturday (8)
  3. Andre Gurode (8)
  4. Ryan Kalil (8)
  5. Jason Brown (7.5)
  6. Shaun O’hara (7.5)
  7. Nick Hardwick (7.5)
  8. Matt Birk (7.5)
  9. Olin Kreutz (7.5)
  10. Alex Mack (7.25)
  11. Jeff Faine (7.25)
  12. Eric Heitman (7.25)
  13. Jonathan Goodwin (7.25)
  14. Todd McClure (7.25)
  15. Brad Meester (7.25)
  16. Lyle Sendelein (7.25)
  17. Samson Satele (7)
  18. Jake Grove (7)
  19. Dan Koppen (7)
  20. Dominic Raiola (7)
  21. Justin Hartwig (7)
  22. Jamaal Jackson (7)
  23. Kyle Cook (7)
  24. Chris Spencer (7)
  25. Casey Rabach (7)
  26. Chris Myers (7)
  27. Eugene Amano (7)
  28. Scott Wells (7)
  29. John Sullivan (7)
  30. Rudy Niswanger (6.75)
  31. Geoff Hangartner (6.75)
  32. Seth Olsen (6.75)
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