YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NFL Preview- Cincinnati Bengals

I blog for the Cincinnati Bengals for prosportsblogging.com  I already previewed all of the positions, so I’ll just post the links and you can be on your way.

Quarterbacks- http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/cincinnati-bengals/2010-cincinnati-bengals-preview-quarterbacks/

Running Backs- http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/cincinnati-bengals/2010-cincinnati-bengals-preview-running-backs/

Receivers- http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/cincinnati-bengals/2010-cincinnati-bengals-preview-receivers/

Offensive Line- http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/cincinnati-bengals/2010-cincinnati-bengals-preview-offensive-line/

Defensive Line- http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/cincinnati-bengals/2010-cincinnati-bengals-preview-defensive-line/

Linebackers- http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/cincinnati-bengals/2010-cincinnati-bengals-preview-linebackers/

Secondary- http://prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/cincinnati-bengals/2010-cincinnati-bengals-preview-secondary/

2010 PREDICTION- 9-7

I think the Bengals are a much improved team from last season, but the schedule isn’t easy.  It’s not a cakewalk, like it was last season.

Offensive MVP- Carson Palmer

Defensive MVP- Leon Hall

Breakthrough- Michael Johnson

Overrated- Cedric Benson

Underrated- Domata Peko

    • whitsport
    • September 9th, 2010

    Hmm improved… yet 9-7? I think they played above their true value last season. Agree on the schedule too, it will certainly be a tough season.


    • Baltimore was an improved team last year, they had a tough schedule and went just 9-7. 9-7 is a possible wild card. Are you arguing that they will have a better or worse record?

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