YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NCAA Football Week 2 Preview- “Monster Saturday”

OK, basically what I’m going to do is pick the 10 games that intrigue me most.  I’ll make a quick synopsis of my first 5 and then just pick the rest.Sounds easy enough, right?

1. (12) Miami vs (2) Ohio State

If Ohio State wants to contend for a National Championship, this is a must win at home.  For Miami, this is a great tune up as they aim to win the ACC.  A win here in “The Horshoe” would be a bonus.

(Terrelle Pryor)

Ohio State- 30-20

2. (17) Florida State at (10) Oklahoma

If you read above, good.  You can move on to the next game.  It’s essentially the same situation in this one.  OU title dreams, FSU ACC aspirations.

Oklahoma- 38-33

 3. (22) Georgia at (24) South Carolina

This game isn’t as sexy to other people, but I have high expectations for South Carolina this season.  Who knows what’s going on with A.J. Green.  This is a fantastic SEC opener before we head to those 2 huge 3:30 confrontations.

SC- 23-17

 4.      (18) Penn State at (1) Alabama

This is a fantastic looking matchup on paper.  On grass, not so much.

Ala- 38-20

5.      Michigan at Notre Dame

This game is intriguing because of the down years that 2 storied programs have had recently.  Then both programs impress in week 2.  Which one of these teams is for real.  Are they both for real.  Or are they both frauds like they were last season.

ND- 30-27 OT

6.      Stanford at UCLA (Stan- 27-16)

7.      (7) Oregon at Tennessee (Ore- 40-24)

8.      Colorado at California (Cal- 34-24)

9.      BYU at Air Force (BYU- 34-23)

(19) LSU at Vanderbilt (LSU- 17-16)

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