YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NCAA Football Preview- Week 4

  • (1) Alabama at (10) Arkansas


This would be quite a Heisman statement in Mallett can somehow lead his troops to a win in this one.

Ark- 34-31

  • (24) Oregon State at (3) Boise State


Virginia Tech is rapidly dropping down the rankings.  Oregon State suddenly becomes Boise’s toughest opponent.

BSU- 37-27

  • (12) South Carolina at (17) Auburn


Tough road test for the Cocks.  I’m not sure what to make of Auburn’s Cameron Newton.

SC- 20-16

  • (5) Oregon at Arizona State


I liked what I saw out of Arizona State last week against Wisconsin.  Oregon however has their mascot doing a lot of pushups.

Ore- 44-23

  • (22) West Virginia at (15) LSU


Baton Rouge at night, hmmmm.

LSU- 27-20

  • (16) Stanford at Notre Dame (Stan- 38-30)
  • North Carolina at Rutgers (Rut- 21-20)
  • California at (14) Arizona (Ari- 34-19)
  • (8) Oklahoma at Cincinnati (Ou- 51-34)
  • Temple at (23) Penn State (PSU- 23-17)
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