YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NCAA Football Preview- Week 6

  • (17) Michigan State at (18) Michigan

Who’s for real? Both, none, one?

(Denard Robinson)

Mich- 38-35

  •  (1) Alabama at (19) South Carolina

The 3rd and final game of a brutal 3 game stretch for Alabama.

(Alshon Jeffery)

SC- 28-21

  • Oregon State at (9) Arizona

Boise State and TCU are hoping for a Beavers win.

OrSt- 31-24

  • (23) Florida State at (13) Miami (Fl)

Mia- 36-32

  • (11) Arkansas vs Texas A&M

This should be fun.

Ark- 51-38

  • (12) LSU at (14) Florida (UF- 17-6)
  • (10) Utah at Iowa State (ISU-27-20)
  • (8) Auburn at Kentucky (Aub-31-21)
  • Arizona State at Washington (ASU-34-33)
  • Baylor vs Texas Tech (Bay- 38-27)
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