Coming Home- Phillies Win Game 5

After Game One of the series, San Francisco Chronicle’s Ray Ratto stated that the Giants had a 33% chance of a split in Philadelphia, and a 0% chance of a sweep.  With the Phillies winning Game Five, the series shifts back to Philadelphia.  I’m curious to see what Ratto has to say about the Giants odds now. 

As a Phillies fan, all you could ask for is a Game Five win and a chance to win game’s 6 and 7 in your home ballpark.  As a Giants fan, you have to think that you let a chance slip away, but you still only have to win one of the next two games to get to the World Series. 

Game Five was not a well played baseball game.  Both teams made a plethora of mental and defensive mistakes.  Let’s take a look at them.

In the bottom of the 1st, Torres stood at third with one out.  Sanchez was at first.  Halladay got the ground ball he needed from Buster Posey to get out of the inning unscaved.  Instead, Chase Utley didn’t look the ball in his glove and was only able to get the force out at second.  San Francisco took a 1-0 lead.

In the top of the third there were a couple headscratchers.  With no outs, Philadelphia had men on 1st and 2nd.  The Roy Halladay bunt play was simply one of the wackier plays you’ll ever see.  He layed down a bunt that was clearly foul.  The umpire ruled it fair, Posey threw to third, but Pablo Sandoval looked like a panda as he couldn’t touch 3rd for the force out.  Halladay on the other hand never left the box, and he was thrown out at first.  

(Ibanez safe at third on the Halladay bunt play)

Victorino came up next and hit a sharp grounder to Aubrey Huff.  Huff booted it like Martin Brodeur as the ball bounced off his knee and into center.  Two Phillies scored to make it 2-1.  Philadelphia would tack on another to make it 3-1.

Lastly, in the bottom of the fourth, Cody Ross decided to test Jayson Werth’s arm in right by trying to tag from 2nd to 3rd.  The problem was, there were two outs.  Werth threw a pea to Polanco, and Ross was tagged out.    

(Polanco applies the tag to Ross)

The only man who brought the leather tonight was Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins.  He was simply a human vacuum machine, gobbling up any ground ball coming his way.

Once again, the Tim Lincecum vs Roy Halladay showdown didn’t really live up to expectations.  Once again, both pitchers just pitched o.k.  Halladay battled with his command all night.  He walked just 30 batters all year; he walked two tonight.  From a “grinding” standpoint, this was one of the more impressive showings from Halladay.  He clearly did not have his best stuff, but he kept the Phillies in the ball game.

(Halladay grinded through 6 innings)

The Phillies bullpen tonight looked fantastic, especially Madson and Lidge.  Both guys had easy 1-2-3 innings in their one inning appearances.

(Lidge picks up his 1st save of the series)

The first home-run of the NLCS in San Francisco was finally hit.  In the ninth, Werth went the opposite field to make it 4-2.  He’s now tied for 1st all-time in National League postseason home runs with 13. 

Another thing that I have to add.  Mitch Williams came on in the 9th and tried to explain how to save a crucial playoff game.  That’s like Scott Norwood trying to instruct how to make a field goal in the Super Bowl.

Game Six will be on Saturday.  Buckle up!

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