YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NBA Preview- Center Rankings

  1. Dwight Howard (Orl)
  2. Pau Gasol (Lal)
  3. Yao Ming (Hou)
  4. Andrew Bogut (Mil)
  5. Joakim Noah (Chi)
  6. Brook Lopez (Nj)
  7. Al Horford (Atl)
  8. Al Jefferson (Uta)
  9. Chris Kaman (Lac)
  10. Nene (Den)
  11. Marc Gasol (Mem)
  12. Brendan Haywood (Dal)
  13. Roy Hibbert (Ind)
  14. Andrea Bargnani (Tor)
  15. Marcus Camby (Por)
  16. Emeka Okafor (No)
  17. Kendrick Perkins (Bos)
  18. Anderson Varejao (Cle)
  19. Robin Lopez (Pho)
  20. Nenad Krstic (Okc)
  21. Spencer Hawes (Phi)
  22. Andres Biedrins (Gs)
  23. DeMarcus Cousins (Sac)
  24. Ben Wallace (Det)
  25. Javale McGee (Was)
  26. Antonio McDyess (Sa)
  27. Nazr Mohammed (Cha)
  28. Ronny Turiaf (Tor)
  29. Joel Anthony (Mia)
  30. Darko Milicic (Min)
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