YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NCAA Football- Week 9 Preview

  • (2) Oregon at USC

The two institutions have switched roles.  Oregon is the football powerhouse this year.

(LaMichael James)

Oregon- 45-37

  • (5) Michigan State at (18) Iowa

This is arguably the toughest test left for the Sparties.

(Greg Jones)

Iowa- 30-27

  • (6) Missouri at (14) Nebraska

Nebraska is better than the 14 they have next to them.

Nebraska- 34-21

  • (1) Auburn at Ole Miss

Can the ex Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli help out his Duck teammates in a different capacity this year?

Auburn- 33-27

  • (17) Oklahoma State at Kansas State

What will Justin Blackmon be doing this Saturday.  Watch for KSU RB Daniel Thomas, the most underrated back in college football.

Kansas State- 38-35

  • (16) Florida State at North Carolina State (FSU- 40-33)
  • (25) Baylor at Texas (Tex- 30-20)
  • (8) Utah at Air Force (Utah- 47-20)
  • Florida vs Georgia (Fla- 22-16)
  • (13) Stanford at Washington (Stan- 37-27)
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