Four Games Left

When you look at the Temple football schedule, you’ll see that there are four games remaining.  It’s very easy to look ahead at the final two games between Ohio and at Miami (Oh).  Before the Owls get to those crucial matchups, they have to play Akron at home, and play Kent State on the road.  This Akron game has trap game written all over it, but the talent disparity between both teams is strongly in the Owls favor.  Akron is 0-8.

Coach Al Golden seems to have the team under control after a 42-0 win over Buffalo.  The Buffalo win comes after a  31-17 loss to Northern Illinois on the road, and a wierd 28-27  win over Bowling Green. The Owls are a huge road favorite against Akron.  This is their third consecutive game where they’ve been the clear favorite heading into the game.  At home they struggled, but on the road they looked calm and composed.  This is a home game.

(Coach Golden)

The Owls defense is playing phenominally.  Leading the way is safety Jaiquawn Jarrett.    He has a fantastic nose for the ball.  More importantly the rush defense looks a bit better than earlier on in the season. The Owls have tackled better, and are playing more instinctively than earlier on.

(Adrian Robinson)

The interesting little wrinkle is the quarterback position.  Mike Gerardi looked very good last week in his first collegiate start, but there mistakes made as well.  He went 9/15 for 131 yards 3 td and 2 int.  The three touchdowns are great, but those interceptions need to be cut down.

Akron is a team that’s 0-8, and struggling.  If Temple can get on them early, the Owls shouldn’t have any trouble.

PREDICTION- Temple 41-13


    • George
    • October 30th, 2010

    Owls beat Bowling Green, 28-27. At home, they’ve won 10 straight.

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