YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NCAA Football Preview- Week 11

  • (23) South Carolina at (22) Florida

Florida has played much better as of late.

(Ahmad Black)

UF- 27-17

  • (1) Oregon at California

Cal is 4-0 at home, but Oregon is too powerful offensively.  Oregon’s uniforms are awesome, but have you seen the Ducks new basketball floor?  It’s better than the blue turf in Boise.

(Oregon new floor design)

Oregon- 63-31

  • San Diego State at (3) TCU

Letdown game?

(Ryan Lindley)

TCU- 41-17

  • (4) Boise State at Idaho

Maybe it’s just me, but I think Virginia Tech is better than Utah.

(Austin Pettis)

BSU- 47-10

  • Georgia at (2) Auburn

How will Auburn come out despite the Cam Newton allegations?

(Newton and Brantley)

Aub- 34-31

  • (19) Mississippi State at (12) Alabama

Does the season still matter for Alabama?

Ala- 35-14

  • Penn State at (9) Ohio State

Ohio State has been crushing teams in Columbus, but Penn State has been playing better.

OSU- 31-13

  • (24) Kansas State at (17) Missouri

Missouri looks to rebound after a disappointing effort against Texas Tech.

Mizz- 38-22

  • (10) Oklahoma State at Texas

It seems like Texas is the only team in the Big 12 that can’t win at home.

OkSt- 44-27

  • Utah at Notre Dame

How will a Utah loss affect TCU’s BCS ranking?

ND- 31-28

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