YOOOAdrian’s 2010-2011 NCAA Basketball Predictions- Atlantic 10 and Mountain West

Bold indicates tournament team

Atlantic 10 (Top 5)

  1. Temple (14-2)
  2. Richmond (12-4)
  3. Xavier (10-6)
  4. Dayton (10-6)
  5. Saint Louis (9-7)

A-10 PLAYER OF THE YEAR- Kevin Anderson (Rich)

(Kevin Anderson)

All A-10 First Team

  • C- Aaric Murray (Las)
  • F- Lavoy Allen (Tu)
  • F- Damian Saunders (Duq)
  • F- Chris Wright (Day)
  • G- Kevin Anderson (Rich)

All A-10 Second Team

  • F- Justin Harper (Rich)
  • F- Willie Reed (Stl)
  • F- Chris Braswell (Cha)
  • G- Juan Fernandez (Tu)
  • G- Terrell Holloway (Xav)

Mountain West Top 5

  1. San Diego State (13-3)
  2. BYU (12-4)
  3. UNLV (11-5)
  4. New Mexico (10-6)
  5. TCU (8-8)


(Jimmer Fredette)

All MWC First Team

  • F- Kawhi Leonard (SdSt)
  • F- Malcolm Thomas (SdSt)
  • G- Jimmer Fredette (BYU)
  • G- Dairese Gary (NM)
  • G- Tre’Von Willis (UNLV)

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