What’s at Stake- Temple at Miami (OH) Preview

This is an important game for the Owls when it comes to bowl implications.  With the MAC Title no longer at stake, it’ll be interesting to see how Temple comes out.

The MAC is affiliated with three bowls, but the conference can always send more teams as some of the major conferences don’t always fill their bowl slots.  You saw that last season with Temple as they were to Washington to play in the EagleBank Bowl. 

Here’s how it goes.  The MAC winner goes to Detroit to take on the No. 8 team of the Big Ten.  The No. 2 MAC team goes to Mobile, Alabama and, believe it or not, the GoDaddy.com Bowl.  The No. 2 Sun Belt team would be the opponent in that one.  Lastly, the third place MAC team would get shipped to Boise and the blue turf to play in the Humanitarian Bowl.  

With Mobile and Boise being such a voyage for Owl fans, the team may do what they did last year and go to a more local bowl.  The two closest bowls are the Military Bowl (Washington), and the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankees Stadium.  The problem is, it looks like these Bowls are going to get filled.  

So, back to the game being played against the Red Hawks.  If the Owls can win the game, it looks like their most likely destination will be Boise as it looks like they will either take on Nevada or Fresno State.  The Humanitarian Bowls is affiliated with the WAC. 

Like I said in the beginning, the psyche of the Owls will be tested.  Their preseason goal was to win the MAC.  The Owls have more talent than the Redhawks, but will they show up.  The coaching ability of Al Golden will once again be tested.

  With a loss, Temple’s bowl dreams may be dashed.

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