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How the Vikings Contained Michael Vick

The New York Giants were the first team to really frustrate Vick this season, at least for three and a half quarters until Vick took over. We all know the conclusion of that one.

In order to contain Vick, you must have a pair of athletic and disciplined defensive ends. Not only do you have to beat the offensive tackle in front, you also have to make sure Vick doesn’t escape the pocket.

The Giants have that in Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck. The Vikings do too in Jared Allen and Ray Edwards, but interim coach Leslie Frazier inserted Antoine Winfield and the rest of the secondary into the mix.

On sixteen occasions, the Vikings sent a cornerback or safety to blitz Vick. Minnesota got pressure, but more importantly, it didn’t let him escape the pocket. Even if Vick did escape from Allen or Edwards on the line, waiting for him was the defensive back sent to blitz. Instead of one defender on the edge playing contain, now you have two.

Winfield has always been known as being an athletic and physical corner. He was everywhere. He had a 45-yard fumble return touchdown and two sacks. The fumble turned the whole momentum in the Vikings favor.

Vick turned the ball over three times last night, two fumbles and an interception. He should’ve been picked off another three times if the Viking secondary knew how to catch a pass.

The Eagles are a big play offense. Vick needs time to throw. Philadelphia’s offensive line isn’t exactly nasty.  Left tackle Jason Peters is the only Pro-Bowler on the line. Injury-wise, center Jamal Jackson was lost for the season in week one with torn triceps.

Watching the game last night, I was just waiting for the Eagles to adjust. Instead of taking five to seven step drops, Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg should’ve called some more three step drops.

Of course, because of Vick’s height, he gets a lot of balls batted down at the line. Pro-Bowl alternate LeSean McCoy barely saw the ball. He had just 17 total touches. All in all, the offense was too predictable last night.

The most probable Eagles wild-card opponent is Green Bay. The Packers have the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award winner in cornerback Charles Woodson. He, like Winfield, is a very physical corner and a sure tackler. The NFL is a copy cat league; I’m sure the Pack will find ways to bring Woodson in on Vick.

Patience is a virtue. The way to beat the blitz is to take what the defense gives you. If that means short five-yard gains at a time, then take it. In Philadelphia’s only touchdown drive of the second-half, it’s exactly what the Eagles did.

With such a young team coming off a huge emotional win last week, a Vikings win wasn’t that surprising. Considering that a first-round bye was at stake, you would’ve thought the Eagles would’ve played with a bit more fire. The postponement didn’t help either.

Now it’s time to let some guys rest Sunday against Dallas, and get ready for the postseason.

YOOOAdrian’s Week 16 NFL Picks

  1. New Orleans at Atlanta (Atl- 24-21)
  2. NY Giants at Green Bay (GB- 19-16)
  3. NY Jets at Chicago (NYJ- 14-10)
  4. Indianapolis at Oakland (Ind- 32-23)
  5. Minnesota at Philadelphia (Phi- 30-14)
  6. New England at Buffalo (NE- 30-20)
  7. San Diego at Cincinnati (SD- 31-13)
  8. Baltimore at Cleveland (Bal- 20-16)
  9. Tennessee at Kansas City (KC- 34-24)
  10. Washington at Jacksonville (Jax- 23-19)
  11. Seattle at Tampa Bay (TB- 23-14)
  12. Detroit at Miami (Mia- 24-16)
  13. San Francisco at St. Louis (Stl- 20-15)
  14. Houston at Denver (Hou- 27-20)
  15. Carolina at Pittsburgh (Pit- 30-6)
  16. Dallas at Arizona (Dal- 30-13)

Last Week- 11-5

Season- 140-84

YOOOAdrian’s Week 15 NFL Picks

  1. Green Bay at New England (Ne- 34-26)
  2. New Orleans at Baltimore (No- 24-20)
  3. Philadelphia at NY Giants (Phi- 26-20)
  4. NY Jets at Pittsburgh (Pit- 19-10)
  5. Jacksonville at Indianapolis (Ind- 27-24)
  6. Chicago at Minnesota (Chi- 19-16 ot)
  7. Atlanta at Seattle (Atl- 21-13)
  8. Kansas City at St. Louis (Stl-23-20 ot)
  9. San Francisco at San Diego (Sd- 34-13)
  10. Detroit at Tampa Bay (Tb- 20-14)
  11. Washington at Dallas (Dal- 27-17)
  12. Buffalo at Miami (Mia- 14-10)
  13. Denver at Oakland (Oak- 24-17)
  14. Houston at Tennessee (Ten- 37-27)
  15. Cleveland at Cincinnati (Cin- 21-17)
  16. Arizona at Carolina (Car-20-17)

Last Week- 11-5

Year- 129-79

YOOOAdrian’s NFL Power Rankings- Week 15

  1. New England(11-2)
  2. Atlanta (11-2)
  3. Pittsburgh (10-3)
  4. New Orleans (10-3)
  5. Philadelphia (9-4)
  6. Baltimore (9-4)
  7. NY Giants (9-4)
  8. San Diego (7-6)
  9. Green Bay (8-5)
  10. NY Jets (9-4)
  11. Indianapolis (7-6)
  12. Chicago (9-4)
  13. Kansas City (8-5)
  14. Tampa Bay (8-5)
  15. Jacksonville (8-5)
  16. Miami (7-6)
  17. Dallas (4-9)
  18. Oakland (6-7)
  19. Houston (5-8)
  20. Cleveland (5-8)
  21. Minnesota (5-8)
  22. Washington (5-8)
  23. St. Louis (6-7)
  24. San Francisco (5-8)
  25. Seattle (6-7)
  26. Buffalo (3-10)
  27. Tennessee (5-8)
  28. Cincinnati (2-11)
  29. Detroit (3-10)
  30. Arizona (4-9)
  31. Denver (3-10)
  32. Carolina (1-12)

YOOOAdrian’s NBA Power Rankings- Week 7

  1. Boston (19-4)
  2. Miami (17-8)
  3. San Antonio (20-3)
  4. LA Lakers (17-7)
  5. Dallas (19-4)
  6. Orlando (16-8)
  7. Oklahoma City (17-8)
  8. Utah (17-8)
  9. Denver (14-9)
  10. Chicago (14-8)
  11. Atlanta (16-9)
  12. New York (16-9)
  13. Portland (12-12)
  14. New Orleans (14-9)
  15. Phoenix (11-12)
  16. Memphis (10-14)
  17. Indiana (11-11)
  18. Houston (9-14)
  19. Milwaukee (9-13)
  20. Philadelphia (8-15)
  21. Charlotte (8-15)
  22. Toronto (9-15)
  23. Golden State (8-15)
  24. Detroit (7-18)
  25. Cleveland (7-17)
  26. New Jersey (6-18)
  27. Washington (6-16)
  28. LA Clippers (5-20)
  29. Sacramento (5-16)
  30. Minnesota (6-18)

Putting Orlando Behind Us and Why There’s Moore to Come from Ramone this Season

It’s funny what two games can do.

After a head-scratching performance at the Old Spice Classic, Temple basketball fans were ready to hop off the bandwagon.  Now, after impressive back-to-back wins over Maryland and No. 10 Georgetown, I’d say the Owls officially put Orlando in their rear-view mirror.  Do people not understand that this squad historically gets off to slow starts.

One thing before I get into the rest of my story, let me just pose the question.  Why did the students rush the floor last night?  Really!?!?  I realize Georgetown is ranked in the top ten, but this was a game that Temple should’ve won and did.  It was not an upset. 

The Georgetown game had a similar feel to last season’s Villanova contest; not from the aspect of beating a top ten team, but from a star emerging in front of our eyes.  Ramone Moore broke out, similar to Juan Fernandez’s dazzling performance against the Wildcats last year.  Both players took over, but in very different ways.  

Fernandez had a career-high 33-points in his astounding shooting performance against Nova.  The Wildcats never had an answer as three-after-three continued to split the strings.  He knocked down seven from beyond the arc on the night.  

Moore had career-high 30-points last night, mostly coming from transition and his silky-smooth mid-range game.  He was 12-for-18 from the field.

Heading into the year, Moore was supposed to be the guy to take the scoring role from the departed Ryan Brooks.  I’d say he’s starting to fill that role quite nicely.


(Ramone Moore)

Even after those nice two wins, the Owls still have to improve on closing out games.  In the final five minutes of games, I still don’t understand why Temple gets into clock draining mode.  The offense has no rhythm, and remains stagnant.  At least they hit their free throws last night.  Rahlir Jefferson calmly hit some critical free throws down the stretch.

Juan Fernandez and Lavoy Allen continue to struggle from the offensive end, especially Fernandez.  At least Allen brings it every night on the defensive end.  Fernandez is shooting just 22.2 percent from beyond the three-point line this season. 

Congratulations to Fran Dunphy who won his 400th career basketball game last night!  He’s the second Big Five coach to surpass that milestone.  John Chaney had 516 wins in 24 seasons at Temple.

Before playing Villanova on December 30th, the Owls face three MAC opponents; Akron, Northern Illinois and a road game against Ohio.  Don’t overlook that Ohio game.  This is the team that upset Georgetown in the first round of last year’s NCAA Tournament.

YOOOAdrian’s 2010 NFL Week 14 Picks

  1. New England at Chicago (Ne- 27-24)
  2. Kansas City at San Diego (Sd- 26-20)
  3. Philadelphia at Dallas (Phi- 34-31 ot)
  4. NY Giants at Minnesota (Min- 20-16)
  5. Oakland at Jacksonville (Jax- 14-10)
  6. Baltimore at Houston (Bal- 27-17)
  7. Miami at NY Jets (Mia- 20-17)
  8. Tampa Bay at Washington (Wash- 17-14)
  9. Green Bay at Detroit (GB- 37-24)
  10. Indianapolis at Tennessee (Ind- 30-17)
  11. Atlanta at Carolina (Atl- 23-17)
  12. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (Pit- 24-9)
  13. St. Louis at New Orleans (No- 34-17)
  14. Cleveland at Buffalo (Cle- 17-16)
  15. Seattle at San Francisco (SF- 10-6)
  16. Denver at Arizona (Ari- 12-9)

Last Week- 10-6

Year to Date- 118-74