Siblings Continue Basketball Legacy In Bolger Family

Decisions get extremely tough at the Bolger household.

They have a son and daughter who each play for the Pennsbury Varsity basketball team. Junior guard Kieran Bolger is the leading scorer for the boy’s team. His little sister Lindsay is a sophomore on the girl’s team. 

The major dilemma for Jim and Eileen Bolger is which games they choose to attend. Most of the boy’s and girl’s games are played at the same time.

“We try to spread the love,” said Jim Bolger. “We’re running in many different directions. It doesn’t always work out, but we see who’s playing and which one’s the bigger game.”

Kieran and Lindsay’s father is Jim Bolger, a former Rider basketball standout and member of the 1984 Broncs NCAA Tournament team. It was first of just three tournament appearances ever for the Broncs. 

Rider lost to Richmond in the opening round game 89-65. Bolger led all Broncs scorers with 16.

The Spiders went on to upset an Auburn team led by the legendary power forward Charles Barkley.

Bolger spoke about his NCAA Tournament experience.

“I still have the VHS tape of the game,” said Bolger. “It was great. You knew there was national media there. There was television coverage on ESPN.”

“It wasn’t as publicized as it is now,” said Bolger. “Everybody didn’t have the pools and there wasn’t as much gambling as there is now.”

Bolger played his high school ball at Bishop Kenrick High School. His head coach was Phil Martelli who’s now the coach of St. Joe’s basketball team. His assistant was Geno Auriemma, currently the head coach of the Connecticut women’s team.

Kieran’s strength of his game is his ability to shoot the basketball. He credits his father for his J.J. Reddick like form.

“He taught me the right way to shoot at an early age,” Kieran said. “Growing up, I’ve always looked at my dad as a leader. At a young age, we would always sneak into whatever gym so we could get some shots up. If I didn’t keep practicing what he told me, I wouldn’t be half the player I am right now.”

Lindsay plays the point guard position. She’s a terrific ball handler and spoke about what her father preached to her.

“Pretty much everything,” Lindsay said. “He taught me how to play basketball and I really liked it.”

“Being around me and Kieran and our love for basketball, she just naturally went down that path. She’s just naturally coordinated,” Jim Bolger said.

Both Bolgers said they realize that there’s always room for improvement. They talked about some of the facets of their game they’d like to improve on.

“Defense,” Kieran said. “Lately, I’ve been trying to do as well as I can with that. I try to work out as much as I can to get bigger and stronger. That will help a lot with rebounding and just staying in front of my man.”

“I probably have to work on my shot more,” Lindsay said.

The Bolger siblings do have other athletic hobbies outside of basketball. Lindsay is an outside hitter on the volleyball team, while Kieran played baseball in middle school. In the end though, he chose basketball over baseball. 

Lindsay is not only artistic with her ball handling, she’s also an aspiring artist who said she wishes to attend either The Tyler School of Art or Kutztown University.

Kieran wishes to attend either Lafayette or St. Joseph’s.

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