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What’s at Stake- Temple at Miami (OH) Preview

This is an important game for the Owls when it comes to bowl implications.  With the MAC Title no longer at stake, it’ll be interesting to see how Temple comes out.

The MAC is affiliated with three bowls, but the conference can always send more teams as some of the major conferences don’t always fill their bowl slots.  You saw that last season with Temple as they were to Washington to play in the EagleBank Bowl. 

Here’s how it goes.  The MAC winner goes to Detroit to take on the No. 8 team of the Big Ten.  The No. 2 MAC team goes to Mobile, Alabama and, believe it or not, the Bowl.  The No. 2 Sun Belt team would be the opponent in that one.  Lastly, the third place MAC team would get shipped to Boise and the blue turf to play in the Humanitarian Bowl.  

With Mobile and Boise being such a voyage for Owl fans, the team may do what they did last year and go to a more local bowl.  The two closest bowls are the Military Bowl (Washington), and the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankees Stadium.  The problem is, it looks like these Bowls are going to get filled.  

So, back to the game being played against the Red Hawks.  If the Owls can win the game, it looks like their most likely destination will be Boise as it looks like they will either take on Nevada or Fresno State.  The Humanitarian Bowls is affiliated with the WAC. 

Like I said in the beginning, the psyche of the Owls will be tested.  Their preseason goal was to win the MAC.  The Owls have more talent than the Redhawks, but will they show up.  The coaching ability of Al Golden will once again be tested.

  With a loss, Temple’s bowl dreams may be dashed.

Detroit Will Have to Wait Another Year- Ohio Defeats Temple 31-23

Al Golden wants to establish a program.  The last thing he wants to be is a one hit wonder.  To paraphrase, he stated that many of the bowl teams, whether it’s the MAC, WAC or Sun Belt may win a bowl game, but not establish the program.

On to last night, the first play of the game summarized the entire game.  Bernard Pierce busted a long 67-yard run down the left sideline, but came up lame as he injured his hamstring.  To make matters worse, the play was called back due to a holding penalty.

The loss of Pierce on that first play was huge.  I’m by no means saying Temple would have won, but his injury changed the whole complexion of the game.

The Ohio defensive line is arguably the best in the MAC.  Matt Brown is not an ”in between the tackles” runner.  Pierce is a bit like Eddie George in terms of consistently picking up positive yardage and wearing down a defense by the time the 4th quarter runs around.  Temple didn’t have too many third and shorts to convert, thus allowing the Ohio defense to pressure Mike Gerardi.  Gerardi is not established enough yet to pick up those critical third downs.

Brown racked up 72 yards rushing on 20 carries.

The Ohio ”Pistol” offense frustrated the Owls defense all night.  They had 204 total rushing yards.  They controlled the line of scrimmage,  and wore down the Temple defense.

Mistakes were very critical.  The big one came in the fourth quarter.  With Temple down 17-10 and the ball near midfield, Mike Gerardi threw a crucial interception.  Ohio would wind up scoring off the turnover, putting them ahead 24-10.  Ohio score 14 points of three Temple turnovers.  The Owls committed eight penalties for 68-yards.

Now that Temple will not win the MAC, they still have a chance to build the program.  With a win next week against Miami (OH) and a bowl win, the program will get that bowl win that they didn’t get last year.

Anyone Know Where to Find Temple Football Streams?

Sometimes it’s really tough to be a Temple football fan because many of the games aren’t shown  on television, like this past week.  Obviously, when the games are in Philly I’m there.

So, I’m sorry but I can’t recap a game that I didn’t watch or could find online.

All I can say is that I predicted it to be 31-13, and it was 28-10.  I didn’t miss the score by much.

The only things that you can take away from the game is that new starting quarterback Mike Gerardi looks like the real deal.  He’s now 3-0 as a starter since replacing Chester Stewart.

The Owls have outscored their opponents 100-10 in the last three games.

Don’t Look Ahead

The Mac East will most likely be decided in Temple’s final two games against Ohio and Miami (Oh).  But.  If Kent State wins this game, all of a sudden they hold the tiebreaker over Temple.  The Golden Flashes are currently 3-2 in the Mac.

The Owls have been on a roll the last two weeks with back to back shutout wins over Buffalo and Akron.  They won by a combined score of 72-0.

The Kent State defense is an underrated bunch, 26th in the country in points against at 19.8.  The offense isn’t great, their top two rushers (Terry and Archer) don’t average more than four yards a carry.  Their quarterback, Spencer Keith has eight touchdowns, but also eight interceptions.

Temple quarterback Mike Gerardi has brought a bit of a spark to the Owls passing attack.  He’s looked sharp in his two starts thus far.

(Mike Gerardi)

Both Temple and Kent State played Penn State this year in Happy Valley.  The Flashes were shutout 24-0, while Temple hung around until the final minutes, dropping it 22-13. 

Prediction- Temple 31-13

The Owls are playing some good football right now.  I don’t think Coach Golden will have his team looking ahead to the last two weeks of the season.  The last two games are huge, but this one’s pretty big too.

Temple Zeroes in on MAC Crown

For the second consecutive week, the Owls defense pitched a shutout. It’s the first time that Temple has posted back to back shutouts since 1971 where they blanked Uconn and Xavier. The Owls extended their home winning streak to ten.

It took a half before the Owls got the offense going. Temple scored just six points before the intermission. In the 2nd half, the Owls exploded for 24 points. Bernard Pierce rushed for a measly 22 yards on nine carries in the first 30 minutes. In the second stanza, Pierce carried it 10 times for 61 yards. This is what good teams do, they put bad teams away early on in the 2nd half.

(Bernard Pierce)

The run defense was very stout once again holding the Zips to just 20 yards on the ground.

There’s really not much more to say other than it was another nice win for Temple. The Owls are off to Kent State this weekend.

Four Games Left

When you look at the Temple football schedule, you’ll see that there are four games remaining.  It’s very easy to look ahead at the final two games between Ohio and at Miami (Oh).  Before the Owls get to those crucial matchups, they have to play Akron at home, and play Kent State on the road.  This Akron game has trap game written all over it, but the talent disparity between both teams is strongly in the Owls favor.  Akron is 0-8.

Coach Al Golden seems to have the team under control after a 42-0 win over Buffalo.  The Buffalo win comes after a  31-17 loss to Northern Illinois on the road, and a wierd 28-27  win over Bowling Green. The Owls are a huge road favorite against Akron.  This is their third consecutive game where they’ve been the clear favorite heading into the game.  At home they struggled, but on the road they looked calm and composed.  This is a home game.

(Coach Golden)

The Owls defense is playing phenominally.  Leading the way is safety Jaiquawn Jarrett.    He has a fantastic nose for the ball.  More importantly the rush defense looks a bit better than earlier on in the season. The Owls have tackled better, and are playing more instinctively than earlier on.

(Adrian Robinson)

The interesting little wrinkle is the quarterback position.  Mike Gerardi looked very good last week in his first collegiate start, but there mistakes made as well.  He went 9/15 for 131 yards 3 td and 2 int.  The three touchdowns are great, but those interceptions need to be cut down.

Akron is a team that’s 0-8, and struggling.  If Temple can get on them early, the Owls shouldn’t have any trouble.

PREDICTION- Temple 41-13